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  • Spine Health

  • Do you have back or neck pain?

    Stenosis, bulging discs or Sciatica?

    Our Spine houses all the nerves that control our limbs and provide sensory input. When injured it impacts all aspects of our lives. Here at ALIGN we believe in both the strength of preventive spine care and careful guidance of all patients with spine related pain.

    It is amazing how many people can improve with the right hands-on- care and a new posture profile. Studies have actually shown that skilled physical therapy interventions not only help with pain & symptoms but end up costing patients less over time than expensive diagnostic testing (MRI, CT-Scans, etc) & spinal injections.

    Specially trained PTs can often help prevent expensive & complicated spine surgeries. Did you know that almost 50% of low back surgery patients still experience significant pain & limitations following this elective procedure? I acknowledge that some patients require surgical intervention but there are some who can avoid it they just need to know how & what to do!

    Stenosis is quite literally a narrowing of the space between bones, vertebra, in your spine and is often a result of wear and tear on our discs, our body’s natural shock absorbers.

    Did you know that there are stenosis exercises that reposition the spine in such a way as to create more space around the nerves in your low back? This has the wonderful effect of reducing pain and increasing the time you can spend upright and doing the things you love.

    Just like stenosis, there are exercises and hands on techniques that help with bulging discs & sciatica. When applied very specifically, based on your posture and all your symptoms, a step-by- step exercise (core control, neuromuscular reeducation, specific safe stretching), body mechanics revision and manual therapy approach can break a pattern of sciatica. Not everyone can avoid surgery or spinal injections but many who suffer can! My belief is that we should try everything and be patient before going under the knife.