is a leading physical therapy clinic specializing in hands-on treatment for neck & back pain, extremity management, postural alignment and scoliosis treatment

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  • Unique & highly specialized Hands on Treatment involving specialized muscle, fascia & joint work.

    Helps to address pain associated with problems of the spine & extremities.

    Mobilization with Movement (MWM), also referred to as the Mulligan Concept, is a revolutionary manual therapy approach that leads to amazingly fast results. This hands-on treatment approach comes from ½ way across the world, New Zealand. The founder is a physiotherapist named Brian Mulligan, who first began using specific hand placements to create sustained joint re-positioning in order to completely relieve pain while the patient performed the restricted movement. This allows for immediate and dramatic increases in pain free movement.

    It has been thoroughly research validated as a premier approach for joint and tendonitis related pain. MWM is especially effective in treating: tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, headaches, severe neck & back pain as well as pain & stiffness in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee & ankle. MWMs work by having the therapist hold the joint in a better alignment while the patient actively performs the limited motion. Within a short session you can feel and see remarkable increases in pain free movement and improved posture.

    I was first exposed to Mobilization with Movement (www.bmulligan.com) several years ago and was impressed with its effectiveness. Since then, I have taken several courses in this approach and find it has become a staple portion of my hands on treatments. (Random Fact: the last course I attended was taught by a combination PT/Chiropractor who finds this physical therapy approach to be his preferred treatment method!) In fact, the more I study the Mulligan Concept the more helpful it is in restoring pain free movement to my patients. I am currently pursuing a higher level certification in this specialized hands-on approach.