is a leading physical therapy clinic specializing in hands-on treatment for neck & back pain, extremity management, postural alignment and scoliosis treatment

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    Where individualized hands-on treatments result in improvement you can feel immediately. This practice combines several of the best whole body treatment philosophies to provide patients the best possible care. Dr. Shelton has studied New Zealand hands on techniques, German scoliosis rehab and specialized US postural restoration and osteoporosis exercise to better guide his patients to their optimal wellbeing.

  • We can help you achieve Optimal Strength and Wellness so you can return to Enjoying your Life!

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  • What We Do

    Specialized physical therapy and hands-on-treatments, can markedly speed the healing process. Following an injury, both muscles and joints become tight & stiff leading to weakness. Most of us adjust our natural body mechanics to compensate for injury related pain. Sadly, when not treated this causes further musculoskeletal alignment problems, leading to a vicious circle of altered movement and posture that only intensifies & aggravates the original injury.

    Cutting-edge physical therapy exercises can help restore the body to its best posture. When our bodies are in the best possible alignment we function more efficiently and with fewer aches & pains. Additionally, we practice unique hands-on-techniques that relieve the micro tension in our muscles and tissues that create pain. At ALIGN we successfully use hands on manual therapy treatments to naturally compliment the postural realignment & tailored exercise to provide our patients with the best care possible.

    Please do not let personal injuries and the micro trauma caused by dysfunctional body mechanics control you posture & dictate your life. Whether it is you neck, back, knee or shoulder remember that a specially trained physical therapist can provide safe, non-surgical treatments that naturally alleviate pain.

    Return to what’s important, living your life without pain or limitations! Whether it is working in the garden or bombing downhill on a mountain bike, remember: Your Body Structure dictates Your Body’s Performance.

    Let ALIGN Specialized Body Care help you today, call 828.891.0085.

  • Articles and News

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    Dr. Shelton just completed a course in the Italian Method (SEAS) for Scoliosis Rehabilitation!  SEAS stands for: Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis.  This approach differs from the Schroth[...]

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  • Testimonials

  • Let it be known throughout the land that Mason Shelton is one of the best darn tootin physical therapists that has ever worked to help me heal my broken body. Mason labored diligently to assist me in thawing out my frozen shoulder. His magic hands and fingers always found the exact places that were resistant to movement! He worked like a magician softening up the stuck parts. He also gave me numerous exercises to do in-between visits so I wouldn’t lose the ground we made in his office. I recommend this physical therapy wizard without any reservation! Call Mason today! You won’t be sorry!

    Kim Borden, Asheville

  • Mason Shelton is fantastic! I was referred to him by my primary care physician because of repeated headaches. I had been to other physical therapists for the same complaint, but never really got much relief. Mason’s approach was completely different—and it worked! He thought that my headaches stemmed from a weakness in the left side of my body, which led to a strain on the neck muscles. He taught me a number of exercises, including breathing exercises, which worked to increase my lung capacity. These were exercises (my “homework,” he termed it) that could be performed at home, in the car, even standing in line at Ingles. Amazingly, the headaches stopped, and I was able to stop taking pain medication for the first time in months. Since then, Mason has been my “go-to” therapist for any and everything. He takes the time to trace issues back to the source, and works from there. He creates a different regimen for each of his patients—it’s not one size fits all. Mason’s holistic approach and his genuine care for the individual set him apart from any other therapist I have seen. He is the best!!

    Dee Mason, Asheville

  • Knowledgeable, caring and compassionate in his care, Mason Shelton has treated my scoliosis, sciatica and related issues with proactive encouragement and the creativity required to meet my individual needs. He is always my advocate, helping me live a better, healthier and informed life. I have met few health professionals as diligent in their care or as professional and pleasant in demeanor.

    Carol, Asheville

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