is a leading physical therapy clinic specializing in hands-on treatment for neck & back pain, extremity management, postural alignment and scoliosis treatment

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  • At ALIGN we believe that: Your Body Structure (Alignment) dictates your Body's Performance

    • Exact Strength: down to the tenth of a pound!
    • Detect significant differences between the left & right sides of your body!
    • Track Improvements over time
      • Use to compare every few weeks
    • Spirometer for assessment and noting improvements in Lung Capacity over time.
    • Would you like to run, ride a bike or compete in sports and be both faster and last longer?
      • Your endurance is most often limited by how much Oxygen your lungs are capable of getting into your blood stream and then to your muscles. It is just as important for your lungs to expel the body’s waste (CO2). Both increasing your O2 intake & CO2 output can be accomplished through breathing exercises.

    Your body moves in more than just a front to back manner and guess what? Most injuries occur with side to side & twisting motions. Therefore, it is critical to strengthen your lateral and rotational musculature to head off potential injuries. There are many exercises out there that will do just that but it helps to know which ones are most effective for your body, your sport and the activities you love.

    Preventative Care Now = Injury Prevention & Higher Function