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  • Most people hear the word Osteoporosis and immediately think Brittle Bones, Fragile and Stooped Posture. While that is partly true, it is also true that we can do a lot to build muscle & consequently bone strength. You can also learn important exercises to straighten up & even regain lost height!!!

    • The Number 1 bone building stimulant is muscle strengthening!

    Did you know that 80% of compression fractures of the spine are not felt at the time of injury???

    • Fractures commonly occur from sneezing & coughing.
    • If you have osteoporosis & note any change in your height or posture then you will benefit from skilled PT care

    Pursuing Better Posture/Alignment

    Come to ALIGN where you can learn “SAFE” Exercises for Osteoporosis as well as what to avoid in Yoga & Pilates classes to protect your spine!!!

    • SAFE: Skeletally Appropriate For Everyone
    • This is part of the highly effective Meeks Method for Osteoporosis Care

    Body Mechanics

    • Proper form with daily movements is crucial to reducing your risk of fracture or further fractures...
    • Ex. How you tie your shoes or reach into the back seat of your car can seriously injure your spine

    Fear of Falling is a number one predictor of falls

    • The last thing you want is to fracture your hip and spend most of the next year relearning how to walk!
    • Come in and discuss strategies to improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling!