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  • Did you know that Breathing Deterioration is a major marker for anticipating life span?

    Improving breath volume is key to reducing this risk factor. At ALIGN we take measurements with Spirometer to assess your breath limitations and to track how quickly you can progress.

    Improvement requires very exact training to develop or redevelop proper breathing mechanics. There are a number of different tools, exercises and techniques that have been shown to improve how & how much air you can breathe. Here at ALIGN a customized program can be put together to fit your individual needs.

    Most people are unaware of how their breathing is directly connected to their posture. Through the use of abdominal exercises and properly placed supports you can make a dramatically change in your breathing to mend your posture and even restore lost height! This works in large part by using the Ribs as levers for straightening the spine and learning how to control your breath to create stretch from within your ribcage. The “dowagers hump” and forward head posture that is so common and worsens over time can be slowed and often reversed.

    Growing older does not mean we have to stoop!

    I can personally attest to the value of breathing for pain relief! About 4 years ago I experienced the most intense pain of my life. It had been a relentless (8/10) for an entire week during which I missed work and had several skilled PTs work on my neck & back without any success. Then while attending the 2nd day of a Postural Respiration course, the instructor walked the class through a very odd seated breathing exercise. After 2 minutes of this exercise I was 80% better and pretty much pain free by the next day! I of course accused the instructor of performing some magical voodoo and then had him explain to me how using a balloon to breath had freed my neck & upper back.

    That experience strongly influences my eclectic approach to physical therapy.