• What is Kinesio Taping?

    Kinesio Taping is a technique used to release muscle tension from overuse, reduce pain, speed recovery from injury, and enhance specific muscles & movement patterns. Kinesio Tape provides stretch tension that supports & guides your body without limiting your motion & function. Unlike most sport tapes, Kinesio Tape is breathable and shower safe. It provides long lasting (up to 4-5 days) of continuous 24 hour support. Since it is also worn during daily activities, Kinesio Tape allows you to continue to recover at a faster rate than the body can on its own!

    • This tape can be used to provide varying tensions in order to support muscles or improve specific joint alignment (ex. Realign upper & lower leg bones related to Poor Patellar Tracking). Kinesio Tape can also be applied with less tension and different direction to realign the fascia of swollen & damaged tissue.
      Have you ever wished to have your therapist there with you during the day? Kinesio Taping is the closest experience that exists. While many helpful videos can be found on the internet, it is not easy to effectively tape yourself. Only someone trained in the Kinesio Tape Method and other taping techniques will know the correct tension, angle and direction to apply corrective tape. Don't let yourself suffer needlessly!
      At ALIGN we can help you use Kinesio Tape as a Tool for: *Athletic Enhancement *Injury Prevention *Pain Relief *Postural Realignment *Enhancing your Rehab *Increase the Benefits of Manual Joint & Soft Tissue Work *Speed Up your Recovery