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  • Even small bits of physical activity trigger dozens of beneficial changes in the body


    Everyone knows exercise is good for you, but did you know that Exercise is better than any drug in existence???  It is an authentic “snake oil” elixir.  Meaning there is next to nothing it does not help.

    • Brain Function: less depression, improved memory, faster learning and it is the best way to prevent/delay Alzheimer’s!!!!
    • Happiness: exercise releases chemicals in your brain that dull pain, improve mood and reduced stress. Basically there are major psychological and emotional benefits to exercise!
    • Live Longer: demonstrated to lengthen lifespans by up to 5 years
    • Heal Faster: Exercise revs up blood flow. This increases the oxygen and nutrient flow to any injury sites.  Regular exercise even improves your skin.
    • Short & Intense: 10 minutes of intense interval exercise with short breaks is as beneficial as 50 minutes of continuous exercise!?!
    • Slow, even Reverse Chronic Diseases: Diabetes (2), heart disease, Alzheimer’s…
    • Fat Cells will Shrink

    Summarized from TIME magazine “The Exercise Cure” (September 1, 2016)